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Top Reseller Hosting Package for Entrepreneurs

Here we clearly outline the factors you need to put in mind when choosing a reseller/parent web host for your web host business. We also show you some of the top reseller web hosting packages that you can go with as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is all about good ideas, starting your own hosting reseller company is one of the best ideas. And also the easiest […]

Affiliate vs Reseller Hosting – Which hosting package is best for you?

We are going to help you understand the difference between affiliate and reseller web hosting programs. Help you know when to go for either affiliate and reseller programs and also an overview of which of the two programs is best for you as an online entrepreneur. Web hosting business is both fun and profitable. But the problem is that starting a hosting business from scratch […]

Pricing Your Reseller Hosting Packages Right. Choose the Right Pricing Model

An explanation on what resell web hosting really means with an overview of the benefits of being a web host reseller. A guide on how you can price your reseller web hosting packages to suit your business’ and customers’ need. Reselling web hosting services is a fun and profitable business that can act as your standalone or supplementary entrepreneurial venture. On top of that, it […]

Reseller Hosting Package or VPS Server – Which Is Best For You?

Summary: Reseller and vps hosting services are getting very popular these days. When it comes to selecting one of these services, there is no fixed rule. Different kinds of users may believe different types of hosting services to be appropriate according to their requirements. Introduction We live in a world that has managed to become very much dependent upon the internet. People make use of […]

The Best Reseller Hosting Available for Web Designers

Summary There are different companies that offer reseller hosting services for web designers but if you are in pursuit of the best among the rest, you got to give Yocta a try as they have been offering the best packages at the best rates. Introduction The web hosting business has been greatly influential to different kinds of businesses that are being run in the entire […]

Selecting a Reseller Hosting Company

Becoming a reseller web hosting provider can be done with a relatively small investment provided you choose the right web hosting provider like Yocta Payment and Refund Policies   Buying a reseller hosting package is often more expensive than the other packages that web hosting companies offer and by paying yearly fees can attract discounts. It could be to your advantage to opt for this […]

Important Tips About Reseller Hosting

The internet is increasingly creating new business opportunities and if you would like to have a web hosting business but do not have huge capital available at your disposal then Reseller hosting could be the solution.     How does Reseller Hosting work?   What it means is that you use an established web hosting provider such as Yocta and you use their services and […]

How to Start Making Money by Being a Web and Email Hosting Reseller?

Summary If you want to start making money as a web and email hosting reseller, you need to hire a good company like and try your best to keep on generating new customers on a consistent basis. Introduction The industry of web and email hosting is getting more and more extensive with every passing day. Since people are relying more and more upon the […]

The Best Reseller Hosting Services with cPanel and WHM

Summary Yocta may be referred to as the best reseller hosting provider in the current market. They offer a number of package plans along with the facility of WHM and cPanel as well. Introduction Web hosting services may be referred to as the basis of different kinds of businesses that are being run these days. The world has managed to become very much reliant upon […]

What Do You Require in Order to be a Successful Web Hosting Reseller?

Summary: In order to become a successful web hosting reseller, you need to get the services of a good company like Yocta and offer your clients different packages that are hard to let go. Introduction Web hosting may be referred to as the basis of different types of electronic business opportunities of today. This is due to the fact that almost every business has either […]

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