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To build a strong bonding between you and your customer, it is very important for you to have your own email hosting plan. Yocta delivers more reliable and efficient Email hosting to its customers.

45.00 /Mo
  • 25GB Email Space
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • Outlook Compatible
225.00 /Mo
  • 125GB Email Space
  • 25 Email Accounts
  • Outlook Compatible
750.00 /Mo
  • 500GB Email Space
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • Outlook Compatible

Why Choose Email Hosting?

Swapping mails through the web has developed quite normal, especially in business line. Running a business without email server would be complex, if not unbearable. Though the trend is to save cash via free hosting, but there are some important reasons to prefer email hosting. Yocta to take care of all your email hosting security requirements. Unlike the majority of the email hosting providers, Yocta offers a pretty high end security infrastructure that is especially designed to make your network almost impenetrable. The company offers several different packages that are especially devised to cater to the needs of different kinds of clients.

Quick & Easy to Use

Email by Yocta supports a number of features that are Shared calendar, global contacts, MS Outlook.

Email Migrations

Yocta offers email migration services end customers.

Free Plesk Panel

Enjoy a free Plesk Panel access for Email service only by Yocta.

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Email Hosting FAQs

Customer will get max. 5GB space per email id

Email hosting is a facility in which a holding provider rents out email servers to its operators. While there are allowed forms available with many hosting companies, many trades take advantage of the suppleness and power of expert email services. Specialized email hosting takes place when both inward and outward-bound emails are accomplished by a distinct shared or devoted mail server.

One of the main motives why email hosting services have increased so much admiration is that it offers trades with the aptitude to have great email services without having to concern about experiencing extra costs or finding man power to achieve it. In fact, with Email hosting facilities, one can confidently advantage and attain better structural goals. Email hosting plays a very vital role in trades, online or offline, as it is the main source of any steady message. By taking these business mail answers you can help save your occupation a lot of cash every year. It also offers the commercial with a more trustworthy profile, since the email addresses would carry the domain name of the corporate.

Email hosting by Yocta supports a number of features that aren't available in normal email. Shared calendar, global contacts, synchronization for mobile devices, MS Outlook are some features that are exclusively available through our email hosting services

Yes, you can do so at any point of time

Yes, at Yocta we offer you with a 15 days money back guarantee. Clients however need to specify a valid reason for the money back.

If your email hosting needs are complex or you are simply not sure where to start, have no fear! Our experts can work with you to build the perfect solution to offer the best possible experience for email hosting. Let’s talk, we’re available 24/7.