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Get your website online in just 7 days

Having an online presence is very important today and this is something which holds a lot of value. From small sized business to large sized businesses, from individuals to companies, everyone who offers a product or service goes ahead and ensures and they for Website designing services for their website.

Getting started in a step by step process

Opting for a website does not mean that you go ahead and just get a website built. Making a note of things and doing it in a step by step process will only help you to get the best results and at the same time also ensure that you get the true value for your money and also the website that you want.

Sit down and ponder first

It is very important that before you go ahead and take up the Website development services you need to ensure that you first sit down and think about exactly what you need to be put on the website. You also need to think about what should be highlighted. It is essential that to determine your needs.

  • You need to sit down and make a note of pointers like
  • Is the website going to be a business, personal or a streaming and media based website?
  • Think about the kind of product and services that you will provide.
  • Will it be a simple website or an e-commerce one?
  • Who are your target audience and the age group you want to target if applicable?
  • Do you want a theme based website or customized one?

Choosing a host for your websiteBest Web designing Company

It is really important to take the help of a hosting service company which can provide you with the right platform for launching your website. Once such companies that can help you develop your website is This is the one stop solution which you can choose for all your development and promotional needs.

The benefits of hiring a hosting company would include

  • The ability to choose the perfect website that will have everything that you want.
  • Ensure that all the necessary precautionary measures are taken. This includes the necessary certificates that are needed for the website authentication.
  • Coming up with an effective concept which will create the necessary impact that you need to attract your target audience.

Choosing the concept of your website

Once you have sat down to think about what you want to put on your website, the next thing that holds a lot of importance is the concept of your website, you can sit down and discuss with your website developer and tell them what you have in mind.

Choosing the right Domain name and Budget Domain plans

Once you have finalized what you want from your website, the next thing would be to decide the domain name and the kind of plan you would like to opt for based on your budget. If you have already thought of a name, you can let your website developer know; otherwise ,you ask them for suggestions.

Registration of your website

After speaking to the company that you have decided to go ahead with, the next thing is to go ahead and register your website.  This will help to ensure that your website is authentic and you book the name that will be perfect for you.

Under the various Website development services, you have factors such as

  • Building your website with the right platform
  • Ensuring that your website is uploaded in the right way.
  • Get the necessary help for the promotion of your website.

It’s wait and watch time

Now that you have everything in place and you have made all the necessary payments, all you have to do is go ahead and wait for the company you have chosen for your Website development services to do their part. Yocta offers you a 7-day time frame to get your website up and running.

What is the 7-day process

As mentioned earlier, Yocta will help get your website up and running in 7 days. So what exactly will happen during this time? Well, it is simple, let us have a look at the day to day breakup but before that, here is what can you expect from the 7-day process

  • The company will first understand what you have in mind and also make you choose a plan of your choice and the domain that you want.
  • The team of deBest Web designing Servicesvelopers will then get to work and start the designing of your website along keeping in mind all the specifications
  • You have the benefit to see how the development of your website is going and get the changes made the way you want
  • Within a week, you have an online presence that is customized to suit every need and requirement you have and is purely a design made just for you.

So here is exactly what will happen in the entire week

  • Day 1 -Choosing the Package, Design and receiving the instructions –

In the first day, you will have the chance to choose the design that you want and even the Package from the Budget Domain plans that is suitable for you, you will receive an email which has all the necessary instructions for choosing your domain name and a questionnaire to help understand what you want.

  • Day 2  -Provide the necessary information

All you have to do is go ahead and provide the necessary information or a company profile to your developer so that they can go ahead and get started with your website. This includes your Vision and Mission statement, company description, Products and services and other such information that you want.

  • Day 3 and Day 4 is all about waiting

Once you have gone ahead and given all the information that is needed, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the company to do their job. You will be provided with the URL of your website so that you can have a look at the development of it.

  • Day 5 Review your website

By Day 5, you have the benefit of going ahead and reviewing your website and it’s content. If you feel that there should be some changes, you can let the company know so that it can make the necessary changes based on the feedback you give.

  • Day 6 Changes and Review of your website

The changes and feedback that you give will be worked on and shown it to you once again to ensure that is exactly what you are looking for.

  • Day 7 Website is complete and good to go

Congratulations, you now have the website that you want which is made just for you.

What makes Yocta that right choice?

Yocta is a company that is the one stop solution for all your webs development and hosting needs, as a company, they will ensure that they keep into consideration everything that is beneficial for you in every way. They have all the necessary resources and facilities that you would need to get your website live and also ensure that it one which is authentic and secured

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