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How to Start Your Web-Based Business ?

Wish to establish your own web hosting business startup? Every online website requires web hosting. Web hosting forms the fundamental of all kinds of online businesses in the current era. To become a web hosting reseller, it takes quite a good amount of effort to achieve the desired success and profit in the same. If you wish to establish a web hosting business startup, then you can host a business that can allow you to set up, operate and manage the back-end of the sites along with emails and domain management for your startup company and for others as well. Let us have a deeper insight into the same.

Starting a Reselling Company

When you wish to make money online, there is an array of opportunities that are available out there for you. You would simply need to make the rightmost choice of the type of the strategy that you wish to employ and the ones that would suit your skill set. One of the most famous techniques that have been used to help you start a serious money-making online business – domain and hosting business.

If you are a web developer or an organization that would offer such services like web development, then you should consider selling the hosting and domains under your own brand name. If you are searching for a new online business, the web domain and hosting business can serve as an excellent way for you. The best feature is that you can set your own rates for the products or services and can earn a substantial amount of money and profits from the same.

The best way to initiate a web hosting business startup is by becoming a white-label reseller. There is an array of services that can help you in the creation of the white label hosting business of your own. One such name in the list of the excellent web hosting service provider is the that enables you to run your online business with much ease. In addition to this, you can also get the back-end support from the main reseller company that can aid you in promoting your own business. In this article, we will be enlightening you about the step-by-step guide to starting your web hosting business startup.

Prerequisites of Starting a Successful Hosting Reseller Service


To be a hosting reseller, you would need lucrative means of establishing your own business or cross-selling the current customer base. This would be sans any complexity of setting up and the overall management of the intense infrastructure. If you would employ your technical hosting knowledge, then you too can be benefited from a recurring income and a stronger relationship with the potential customers. For those who are quite unaware or unsure about the same, they can take help from the – one of the most reliable reseller web hosting service provider that is always present to aid you in the same. You can give your hosting reseller business all the support it would need by taking help from the Here are some of the prerequisites as explained by the experts of the that can help you achieve the desired success in starting up as a hosting reseller:

Select a Reliable Host: This could be considered as one of the most important steps in the starting of your reseller hosting business. You can consider as the best and the most competitive reseller hosting service provider to provide the best aid to your business. The services that you would offer to the customers would be directly linked with the services offered by your host. Therefore, you can place your trust on for offering reliable and legit services in the domain of reseller hosting provider.
There are several options for your host selection that can be understood in this article. Amongst all of them, you can consider as one of the best and the most reliable web-based business hosting service provider that specializes in offering the reseller website hosting services.

Select the Proper Hosting Package: As per the decision of your business in offering the services to the potential customers, you must choose the most reliable and effective package for your services. As already mentioned above, offers great service packages that are available in three packages like starters, executives and beginners. You can select the best offer as per your service range and convenience that you would like to give out to your customers. Each package offers different sets of unique features that can aid you as well as your customers in utilizing effective hosting services.

What are the Top Reseller Web Hosting Options?

If you wish to establish your online business as a hosting reseller, then you must be aware of the different hosting options that are available in the market that could help you in boosting your business. Here are some of the leading options:

  • Co-location Servers: If you wish to own server and if you are aware of the thick and thin of the server management, then you can choose the option of storing and running your machine from a dedicated data center. This would allow you in storing your machine in a secure place that offers greater bandwidth, backup generators, security and even fire protection than the normal office operation. In addition to this, the users can also set up their own software and hardware for the business. offers the best and the most affordable of hosting servers in the field of co-location servers to aid your web hosting business.
  • Dedicated Servers: With the help of the dedicated servers, the users can be benefited by making use of the resources of a single server machine. The equipment is operated and owned by the company that is the owner of the data center at the location of the server. However, the overall use of the machine is entirely dependent on the user itself. With the help of the managed dedicated server, all of the troubleshooting and maintenance of the machine becomes the sole responsibility of the data center. You too can expand your business with the help of the most reliable dedicated servers provided by the The package for the dedicated servers provided by starts as affordable as $21.99 per month.
  • VPS Hosting: VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting is a virtual component of a major and larger main server node. The main server node is mostly considered to be a very powerful dedicated server that is divided into a number of several different virtual environments. It is possible to become a reseller on a VPS plan. However, these accounts are specifically meant for the development purposes only. This is because of the reason that the available resources are quite limited in comparison to the other forms of hosting. Despite this fact, several users have deduced the fact that VPS Hosting as a form of great transition from the reseller hosting to a dedicated server. It is good to have the same while your company expands and grows. With, you can be assured of the top-notch services in the provision of reliable VPS hosting platforms for the growth of your business. You can go to the link of the same to avail the state of the art hosting services provided by
  • Reseller Hosting:This is another vital form of hosting that can help in the establishment of the web hosting business startup. This is the most convenient and the least expensive for hosting an online business. By making use of one control panel, you can ensure the management of the multiple clients that can have the access to the control panel. By getting access to the control panel, the users can introduce several changes as well as multiple updates to the service. Several clients might not have the knowledge or even the background insight into the area. Such clients would be completely depended upon your reselling services for promoting their online business. They would be dependent on your services for the setup and the modifications to their services. This would allow you as the reseller to charge the clients more for the provision of the hands-on-service. Shared hosting is usually provided by the server that can be shared by you with the other hosting individuals as well as the companies. specializes in offering the most reliable range of reseller hosting at highly affordable range. Visit to know more about the striking features offered by in this field.
  • Plan Out the Support System: Once you have selected the particular package for running your reseller hosting service, you must plan out the entire support system to offer optimum hosting services to your clients. can provide the best support system for your reseller hosting service platform such that you are able to build your business in an effective manner.


Do’s and Don’ts of being a Successful Hosting Service Provider

  • DO follow a particular formula while implementing a successful reseller hosting service provider. You must also stick to the formula to achieve the desired success in the hosting business.
  • DO find a reliable host. can serve as your reliable hosting service provider in offering the best range of services to optimize your overall business.
  • DO implement quality. Quality is over everything. This can be assured with the reliable web hosting service provider like which never compromises on quality including the safety and security of the services.
  • DON’T ignore your audience. The targeted customers or the clients are the backbone of the success of your business. Therefore, it is imperative to pay utmost attention to the quality of your services.
  • DON’T become too rigid. You must offer great flexibility to the customers or clients. This can be achieved by trusting a reliable web hosting service provider like

How to Run a Successful Web Hosting Reseller Company?

In addition to the specific information about the setting up of account in the reseller portals and then starting the web hosting business startup, here are some tips that might help you in the processing and the overall successful operation of the web hosting business startup. Have a read:

  • Create a General Business Plan for Your Business: To begin with the web hosting business startup, you must decide the niche in which you would be offering the hosting services. For instance, some hosting companies only offer basic hosting services at minimal prices. In contrast to this, some other website hosting services offer specialized support for software. Therefore, you would need to specify a list of services and prices that you will be willing to offer.


  • Determine the Technical Support Options: You can attract more customers with the use of the round the clock assistance. In addition to this, you would require more staff members than the basic e-mail technical support.


  • Form a Legal Business Entity for Your Hosting Company: You can choose from the option of a sole proprietorship with Limited Liability Corporation or company.


  • Choose the Right Reseller Plan: The reseller hosting plans need to be selected in a wise manner. Especially during the early stages, you must know the ways in which you can gain access to the wholesale server resources. This can be however, divided at a later stage as per the convenience and preference and then the services can be dedicated to the customers and the clients as per their needs and requirements.


Therefore, it becomes quite significant for the setting up of the web hosting business startup to pay attention to the features and attributes of the plans offered by you before actually putting your money in it. If you are planning to buy the bulk resources, then you might get big discounts and therefore, you can gain more profits from the clients or customers.


Another aspect that must be kept in the mind during the development of the web hosting business startup should be readability and the reputation of the source while buying the hosting reseller plans for your business. A reliable and reputed source can offer great service and the reputation of the leading brands can help in the promotion of your services.


  • Coming Up with Effective Hosting Plans: The main key to successful web hosting business startup is to make the web hosting service great package that stands out from the rest. You would need to step in the shoes of the customers and then plan out your business plan accordingly. The best way to attract more customers to your services is by offering your services in the form of elusive freebies in the hosting package. For instance, you can offer advanced SEO services along with site creation in the same package as the web hosting at no extra price. However, you would still need to learn the art of the manipulation of the prices without suffering any loss at your end. At the same time, you should also not let the customers feel that they are paying anything extra for availing your hosting services.


  • Promoting and Branding Your Business: There are several plans that would give you the freedom of controlling the hosting accounts of the customers in the control panel. Therefore, you can put the logo of your company over several platforms for the branding and promotion of the services. This will reflect great professionalism in your dealings. This, in turn, will impress your clients and customers and will result in the development of long-term relationships with them. You can also get some advertising credits that are available free of cost under some of the reseller hosting plans that will help in allowing your customers or clients in the promotion of their business across several social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google and several more. You can make use of these free advertising credits for the target of the desired audience through the techniques of pay per click advertising. This might appear either on the side of the search results or at the top of the search result.



There are certain basics of the establishment of the web hosting business startup in this competitive world. However, it is quite an uphill task that would demand hard work and dedication with strong determination to achieve the desired success in the web hosting business startup. If you are passionate about the establishment and the success of the reseller hosting business, then you must keep the clients or the customers in your mind. You can take effective help from the most trusted and reliable web hosting service provider “”. is a pioneer in offering the best range of web hosting services like web hosting, email hosting, VPS hosting along with reseller hosting services at much affordable and secure service range. Their plans are specifically designed for those who wish provide several kinds of reseller services to the third parties or customers and achieve great saving at the same time. Once you have learnt the proper ways to establish the web hosting business startup, you can plunge into the ocean of competition to stand out from the rest and offer great services to the clients or customers.

Wait no more and contact us right away to sail through your lucrative business of a web hosting service provider with the help form

  • Salient Features of the Yocta.comAs you have understood the importance of the reseller business option, here are some of the salient features of the This will help you in understanding more about the reselling program and the special offers that you might get along with the services. Here are some:
    • You can select a domain as per your choice with the help of the This becomes available to you quite easily and at an affordable price.
    • com offer completely secure hosting platform with as much as 99.9% uptime.
    • Presence of unlimited website hosting services under reseller hosting
    • Presence of unlimited database list to aid your online business with much ease
    • Presence of unlimited number of email boxes to support your online business
    • Selling domains under your brand name
    • com offers highly user-friendly services that are quite easy to understand and implement in your reseller hosting business.
    • Once you would opt for the reselling hosting services from the, you can have all the necessary controls that would be needed by you to promote the web hosting services.
    • com never compromises on the quality including the safety and security of the sensitive data and information.
    • Selling hosting services under your brand name to the Indian servers and the foreign servers as well.
    • Setting your own pricing as per your choice and convenience.
    • Access to special offers and promotions.
    • Budget-friendly plans to support your business
    • Easy to use and handle the interfaces along with proper documentation of the same.
    • 24/7 customer care support to provide expert assistance round the clock.

    This guide will help you in setting up your reseller account for the establishment of a prosperous web hosting business startup. You can achieve the desired success in establishing your own web hosting service provider portal with the help of Why are you putting hold to your success? Contact us right away to emerge successful in this competitive world!


    Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up the Web Hosting and Reseller Business with the help of

    This step-by-step guide will help you in understanding the usage of the domain name for the white label branding.


    Yocta Web guide1

  • The best feature offered by the is that they have offer quite easy and highly customizable reseller web hosting services. To kick-start you own web hosting business startup, you can go to the reseller page of the and then click on ‘sign up’.

    Once you have filled up the sign up form, you can click on “sign up” to complete the process. The next page would be the payment page. All that you would need to do is to activate the reseller account by adding funds into your account. In the account, you can start off with a starter plan that is available for $499 per year and offers great set of features for any business domain that is initiating as a reseller hosting. There are other plans as well like Economy ($999 per year) and Deluxe ($2,999 per year) that come with exceptional sets of features that might boost the overall performance of your business without you having the need to do anything. In addition to this, they are also in the verge of launching a new lucrative “super package” of $1999 that can offer a whopping storage of 650 GB annual capacity. With the use of this money, you can sell web hosting and domains to the other business owners. Therefore, the money that you have added to your account can be ultimately used to your own benefit. There are various payment methods that are available with the

    Yocta Web Services





    Once you have added the money in the account, you can now log in to the reseller control panel of your account. After this, the first thing that you would need to do is to promote the brand image of the reseller account. This would include the addition of logo and then the addition of the domain name that will be used for selling the web domains and hosting.

    You can consider to be the most reliable and legit platform for the establishment of your web hosting company. Avail our services with much be selecting the most preferable package as per your need.


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