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Are you unable to address server security needs for your website or web application?

Let Yocta's Site Security Scanner do the work for you....

Your website or web application got attacked by Malware? You areNot sure how to clean it up? Then you need Yocta, which is not only reliable and secure but also more cost-effective than other. Get your website or web application scanned at just $99 per Website/Web Application.

Features of Our Site Security Scanner Service

Vulnerability Assessment

If you do not know where you stand when it comes to the security of our website or web application, then our Vulnerability Assessment will help you out.

One Time Testing

You can hire our one time testing service to understand what and where your website or web application lack and how vulnerable it is?

Bridge the Gaps and Loopholes

It is very important to ensure that there are no loopholes or gaps which can make your website or web application vulnerable.

Deep Penetration Testing

The Deep Penetration Testing service that is done by Yocta can be done to ensure that your applications, systems and networks are secured in every way.

Security Assessment Report

Our detailed report is generated after we conducted the complete test. All the errors and vulnerabilities will be mentioned thoroughly.

Possible Resolutions Provided

We not only provide you the Security Assessment report, however, we all go ahead and put in our best efforts to give you the possible resolutions.

If you have website or web application and...

want to do its assessment test?

Well don't worry, Yocta can do that for you.
Yocta's Site Security scanner is a service that is designed for such needs. We will not just conduct the test for you, however you will also get the necessary report which can help you to understand the loop holes and gaps of your website or web application.

  • Hassle Free Professional Malware Cleanup
  • Scan and monitors your DNS, SSL and WhoIs records
  • Get Time to Time Malware Attack Alerts Without Fail
  • Schedule Malware Scan and Cleanup
  • Avoid Website Blacklisting
  • Network Security Scan
  • 24 X 7 Support
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Our awesome scanning package also includes...

Deep Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing, Wi-Fi Security Testing and Web Application Penetration Testing.

Vulnerability Assessment

Passive and Active Testing, Distributed and Network Testing
System / Verifying File Access.

Security Assessment

Provides and in debt analysis in the form of the report. Lets you understand the various factors.

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