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Why You Need An Email Hosting?

Business is revolutionizing these days. As internet is spreading its wings, email services are becoming an important aspect of our daily life. No business communication can possibly run without emails. Email is growing exponentially. We need an access to emails for internal as well as external communication at the same time.

The statistics of 2015 suggests that 74 trillion emails are exchanged within a year worldwide which breaks down into 205 billion emails within a day and 2.4 whopping emails per second. The figure is huge, in fact way too huge. Email stays forever, can be accessed anytime and can be sent in bulk.

Emails are cheap. The cost of sending an email is nearly negligible. It is a stable form of communication and has always been the first preferred method to communicate. We have started evolving within our techniques of email. A lot of progress has happened so far.

A good email exchange begins with flamboyant hosting service. It plays a very important role within the life cycle of an email altogether. The email hosting services are backed with boundless possibilities. This is one of the reasons why it has grown so much popular within the market.

A good hosting service can help you a lot of money. It has all the capabilities to grow your business further and help you meet your organizational business goals.

Some of the benefits of having a good email hosting are given below:

  • Security: Undoubtedly, it is way too secure. The servers for emails are completely encrypted. There is no far possibility of cracking them down. The email messages being exchanged from node A to node B are converted into some machine language code of 0’s and 1’s. It only gets decrypted once it has reached its destination safely.
  • Storage: Tons of storage is provided to the client. It is adequate to store every bit of important business information. Additionally if required, the storage can be extended further too. Mid cap businesses with a limited resource usage can opt for a smaller storage plan or may indent it later.
  • Email Filters: The junk (SPAM) or the promotional emails gets automatically filtered by the servers. With 24 by 7 email and phone support, Yocta can assist you with any technical assistance required from anywhere.
  • Contact Book: The email hosting additionally provides a never ending address book for storing local and global contacts. Additionally it can also be shared with anyone easily. This is an additional benefit.

Still wondering if you should hire one? A host carries your business name. The emails will be sent with your business domain to your clients further. It is way far important here to have a secure and reliable email hosting service. Online hackers are stalking continuously to find a loop within a system. A business owner should always concentrate upon having a good measure for their communication. A faulty system will invite vulnerability across the system for you. Take good measures to protect them.

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